Warsaw Public Library

Board of Trustees

The Warsaw Public Library Board of Trustees meets on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 6:00 PM


Travis Jones, Trustee & Board President (1/2019-12/2021)

Janice Kelsey, Trustee & Board Vice President (1/2020-12/2022)

Lynda Wick, Trustee & Board Secretary (1/2018-12/2020)

Sally Smith, Trustee (1/2020-12/2022)

Deborah Gillen, Trustee (1/2018-12/2020)

Shani Jones, Town Board Liaison

Warsaw Public Library Board Of Trustees Bylaws

Adopted 2/13/2018

 Article I


The Warsaw Public Library, established by the Town of Warsaw, was granted Charter # 1655 under the seal of the University of the State of New York on April 26, 1904.  The charter, amended on December 14th, 2010 provides that there shall not be less than five nor more than fifteen board members, with the current number being five residing in the town of Warsaw and elected through public election by the residents of the Town of Warsaw.  Members of the Board of Trustees shall serve three years with a maximum of two consecutive terms.  In case of unexpected vacancy the Board of Trustees is empowered, under the State Education Law to appoint a trustee to fill the un-expired term.

Article I


  1. The Officers of the Board shall be a President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.  All officers shall be elected for a term of one year and shall be elected and assume office at the Annual Meeting in January.  The Town of Warsaw accountant shall act as treasurer.
  2. The President shall preside at all meetings of the Board, authorize calls for any special meetings, appoint all committees, execute all documents authorized by the Board, serve ex-officio voting member of all committees, and generally perform all duties associated with the office.
  3. The Vice-President shall act as President in the absence of the President and in the absence of any other officer, shall be responsible for the function of that office.
  4. The Secretary shall record the minutes of the meetings and send copies to Board members prior to the following meeting.
  5. The treasurer shall assist the Director in financial matters.
  6. The Director of the Library shall be the Fiscal Officer and shall keep detailed accounts of all financial arrangements of the Board. The Treasurer shall provide a financial report for each meeting. The Director shall present bills at each meeting for approval and cause the approved payment of bills to be presented to the Treasurer for payment

Article III


  1. The regular meeting of the Library Board of Trustees shall be held on the second Tuesday of each month at least 10 months per year at 6:00 p.m. in the Warsaw Public Library.
  2. Special meetings may be held on the call of the President or any three members.
  3. A majority of the board of trustees shall constitute a quorum at each meeting and a majority vote shall be necessary for the transaction of business.
  4. Any board member unable to attend a meeting of the Board shall notify the Board President in order to assure a quorum at each meeting. If any trustee shall fail to attend three consecutive meetings without excuse accepted as satisfactory by the Trustees, he or she shall be deemed to have resigned and the vacancy shall be filled.

Article IV


  1. The President may appoint permanent or temporary committees.
  2. All reports of committees, if requested shall be presented in writing.
  3. No action of any committee shall be binding until approved by the Board, unless the Board has previously given full authority.
  4. No committee shall authorize any expenditure without authority of the Board.

Article V


  1. Amendments to these By-Laws may be proposed at any regular meeting and shall be voted upon at the next regular meeting. Written notice of the proposed amendment or amendments shall be sent to all absent members at least ten days prior to the voting session. A simple majority of the Board shall be sufficient for adoption of an amendment.

Public Comment Policy  Adopted 2/13/2018

The Warsaw Public Library Board of Trustees welcomes public comment at board meetings.

The Public Comment Policy ensures that members of the public are allowed to present their views while permitting the Warsaw Public Library Board of Trustees to conduct meetings in an efficient and effective manner.  The Public Comment Policy will apply to regular, special and committee meetings.

Public comments are permitted during the time designated on the library board agenda, unless otherwise directed by the Board President or presiding officer.

The Board President or presiding officer determines the order in which speakers will be recognized.

Each speaker will provide his/her name and group affiliation (if any).

Each speaker is allowed a maximum of three minutes to address the board, with additional time provided at the discretion of the Board President or presiding officer.

There will be no more than 15 minutes for public comment, except with consent of the Board.

All comments shall be made with civility and courtesy.  The Board President or presiding officer may prohibit further comment if proper decorum is not displayed.

The public comment period is not a question and answer period and the Board is not obligated to respond to comments.

Warsaw Public Library Strategic/Long Range Plan



The Warsaw Public Library Strategic Planning process took place from August to November 2017. During that time, the library conducted three separate community focus groups, sought community input through a questionnaire, conducted interviews with community leaders, and hosted a board retreat for library trustees. The information gathered during these activities aided the Warsaw Public Library’s Planning Committee to identify the following three primary goals that the library will focus on over the next four years (2018-2021):

  • Physical Space: Increasing the Accessibility and Functionality of the Library
  • Financial Requirements: Planning the Future Funding of the Library
  • Organizational Development: Ongoing Success through Training and Planning


The Warsaw Public Library’s mission is to provide a welcoming destination that supports life-long learning for all ages. The library strives to be a place where the community has access to quality materials, engaging resources and enriching services. The library promotes the joy of reading and strives to foster the pursuit of knowledge to enrich the lives in our community.


1) Physical Space – Increasing the Accessibility and Functionality of the Library

Project Leader: Library Director

Purpose: The community and library board are concerned about space constraints within the library. The layout of the building is disjointed and leads to underused spaces, potential safety issues, accessibility issues, acoustic concerns, and a lack of workflow throughout the library. The library must implement low-cost improvements in conjunction with a long-term plan for major capital improvement projects.

Measurement: Approval of a realistic master plan and maintenance plan for the physical needs of the library.

Action steps:

  • Action Step One – Form a building committee comprised of library trustees.
  • Action Step Two – Hire/obtain a consultant to develop a master plan for future renovations to the Library focused on current library services and structural limitations of the building.
  • Action Step Three – Evaluate current hours with a focus on consistency and community convenience.
  • Action Step Four – Create a maintenance plan to address immediate and future building and grounds needs.
  • Action Step Five – Refocus this portion of the plan once the master plan and maintenance plan are in place.

2) Financial Requirements – Planning the Future Funding of the Library

Project Leader: Library Board of Trustees

Purpose: The Library is facing substantial rises in yearly expenses due to minimum wage increases, an aging building, and cost increases for essential services. Future expenses may include large-scale capital projects associated with the proposed master plan.

Measurement: Development and implementation of a funding strategy and communications plan.

Action steps:

  • Action Step One – Based on increases in the minimum wage and other planned cost increases, develop and commit to a Library Tax Levy Increase Strategy to achieve balanced funding.
  • Action Step Two – Develop the library’s five-year budget projects to assist in developing the financial plan of the library.
  • Action Step Three – Determine sources of additional revenue streams in conjunction with Pioneer Library System, The Town of Warsaw, Warsaw Central School District, and The Friends of the Warsaw Public Library.
  • Action Step Four – Create a communications/marketing/advocacy plan to increase community support for future financial needs of the library.

3) Organizational Development: Ongoing Success through Training and Planning

Project Leader: Library Director and Library Board of Trustees

Purpose: To encourage ongoing leadership development for the Board of Trustees and Director to plan appropriately for the future leadership needs of the library.

Measurement: Development of accurate job descriptions and training plans

Action steps:

  • Action Step One – Create accurate job descriptions for trustees, board officers, Director, and library staff.
  • Action Step Two – Create a recruitment plan for trustee succession.
  • Action Step Three – Develop an ongoing training plan for trustees, the library director, and staff.

2020   Board Approved Library Budget  

 Personnel Services .1 $122,682.39

Retirement / Benefits .8 $27,845.20

Equipment .2 $1,500.00

Contractual Expenses .4 $ 105,968.41

Total Expenditures $ 257,996.00

Total Revenues $ 257,996.00

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